Office Coffee Club
Office Coffee Club

Club together with colleagues to contribute into a collective money pot and fund ethically-sourced speciality coffee to fuel your working day. The more members in the club, the more contributions and the better the price per bag.


Create your club and receive a coffee taster pack for your office on us.


Invite members to join your club, contribute into the club fund and start voting for your favourite coffees.


Unlike traditional monthly subscription sites, order the amount of coffee you need, when you need it, with free delivery.


We offer a minimum of eight different coffees to club members, with exclusive access to new coffees as they're released. All of our coffees are speciality grade and each batch is meticulously hand-roasted in our Surrey roastery, ready for either filter or espresso brewing.


Each coffee bag starts out being priced at £7 per bag. When you add more members to your club, the contributions into your money pot go up and the price of your coffee bags go down.

£ per bag
(approx. £ per cup)
Are you an office manager?

Keep your office fuelled with ethically-sourced speciality coffee at wholesale prices. Your team can vote for their favourites and enjoy delicious coffee when they need it most; making Monday mornings manageable and laying the groundwork for great meetings.


Q: Where does the coffee come from?

Q: Does my coffee have a use by date?

Q: Which grind size should I order?

Q: How can I determine which coffees my club will like best?

Q: How much does each member need to pay in per month?

Q: How many members will I need in my club?

Q: When will my order be dispatched?

Q: What can I do if there is something wrong with my order?

Q: What if I my colleagues drink more than their fair share?

Q: Can I take the coffee home?

Q: How much does delivery cost?

Q: My card details have changed, what do I do?

Q: Are your coffee bags recyclable?


Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a tasting or receive samples for your office!