The Office Coffee Club was born out of an artisan coffee roasting business with an ethos of focussing on transparent sourcing, working directly with farmers and sharing their stories, as well as delivering consistent, high-quality speciality coffee to more people.

Founder Dan previously worked in coffee and cocoa traceability, travelling to coffee growing areas such as Africa and South America, drinking speciality coffee directly from small-batch producers. When back in the UK, the office instant coffee supply often prompted colleague whip-rounds for the morning coffee run. However this routine became both difficult to manage, expensive and felt unsustainable with the throw-away cup culture. Talking to friends and associates in other offices, it became clear to Dan that this problem wasn’t exclusive to his office: colleagues grouping together to buy coffee was commonplace in offices.

Over the past couple of years we’ve focussed on sourcing speciality coffee from different countries with a wide range of flavour profiles. We then roast these to an optimal level, for either espresso, filter or omni brewing methods. Coffees that club members have access to include:

Brazil Santa Ines

ROAST: Espresso

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon

FLAVOURS: Praline, hazelnut and Snickers

THE FARM: The Brazilian Santa Ines coffee farm has been in the Pereira family since 1979. When they initially inherited the farm, there was much work to be done and they initiated a process of renovation and replanting of new varietals, as well as enlisting the help of external experts to assess their processes and find ways to improve the quality of their coffee offering. After years of hard work and experimentation, the family won the Cup of Excellence in 2005 with the highest score ever recorded, of 95.85 for the pulped natural category.

Peru Santa Cruz

ROAST: Espresso


VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai, Paiche

FLAVOURS: Chocolate, biscuit and blackberry

THE COOPERATIVE: We are extremely grateful to work with farmers from the Santa Cruz cooperative in Rio Tambo, Peru. The Rio Tambo is a small river that runs through a valley located on the eastern slopes of the Andes. This location in Central Peru benefits from an altitude of 1500-1800m above sea level, where coffee farmers, including many women, own small to medium-sized farms. One of the cooperative’s farmers is Sandra Farfan who has been producing coffee for 10 years. Her 26 hectare farm grows organic varietals of caturra, catuai and paiche coffee surrounded by native trees of Pine Oje, Cedar, Walnut and Guava.

Guatemala Matasano



VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Paiche

FLAVOURS: Cocoa nibs, cherry and brown sugar

THE FARM: Delio Ronaldo Salazar is a second-generation coffee producer in Aldea El Pajal in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. During the harvest Delio makes sure that only the ripest cherries are picked, for the best flavour, which can mean that the farm has several coffee cherry pickings throughout the harvest season. Due to the lack of water in Aldea El Pajal, the cherries are immediately transported to a depulping and washing station one hour away on the same day of the picking. The coffee is then fermented for 24 hours, washed and dried in the sun on the patio for four days.

El Salvador El Cipres

ROAST: Filter

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETY: Red Bourbon

FLAVOURS: Strawberry, wine gums and caramel

THE FARM: Our El Cipres coffee comes from Don Tomas in El Salvador. The bourbon variety is grown on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano, under the lush Pepeto trees, surrounded by wildlife. We work directly with Tomas, who cultivates a strong family and social aspect to the El Cipres Estate. We help to support the expansion of his farm and look forward to its continued development.

Colombia Jose & Luz

ROAST: Filter


VARIETY: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

FLAVOURS: Plum, sugar cane and pineapple

THE FARM: Our Colombian washed arabica beans come from Jose and Luz. With 30 years of experience as coffee farmers, they provide us with coffee beans through a trade model which enables farmers to operate as a sustainable business. This provides access to investment and professional advice to ensure that the farm is capable of becoming economically and environmentally sustainable, rather than a subsistence operation.

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

ROAST: Filter


VARIETY: Heirloom

FLAVOURS: Jasmine, apricot and honey

THE COOPERATIVE: Our flavoursome Ethiopian provides a complex fruity start with a rich honey-like finish. We source from the Biftu Gudina cooperative which was established in 2012 with around 150 smallholders. Located in the Jimma zone, which is green and lush, the co-op benefits from high altitude and rich fertile soils. Aptly, in the Oromo language Biftu means ‘morning sun’ and Gudina means ‘growth/development’.

House Espresso

ROAST: Espresso

PROCESS: Washed & Natural

VARIETY: Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Paiche

FLAVOURS: Cocoa, vanilla and hazelnut

THE BLEND: A blend of the Peru, Guatemala and Brazil coffees listed above, this is our most popular coffee, rich in flavour with lots of body. Blending occurs after roasting and this coffee is designed to work well for milk-drinkers.

Colombia Natural Decaf

ROAST: Espresso


VARIETY: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

FLAVOURS: Chocolate, malt and toast

NATURAL DECAFFEINATION: The natural decaffeination method takes place at origin in the Hulia region of Colombia. The coffee is decaffeinated using sugars found in bananas and sugar cane, and when applied to the coffee in water, they bond with the soluble caffeine compounds, which results in the coffee beans being stripped of caffeine.

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